Maintaining Your Paint Booth Is Easy

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You have already set up a paint booth, and it is going great. But to make it go great in the long run, you have to maintain it at the same time.

Nowadays, everything can be done by DIY techniques with lots of resources available, but it is always advisable to call for a spray booth service. The team of expert professionals can do the job like no other. They are not only efficient but they can even have service plans customized according to your unique needs. Their services include changing the filters, cleaning the booth, replacing the components, controlling the panel program, training the end user and many more.

Service technicians of a spray booth service uses the latest equipment and tools to measure and analyze the performance of airflow, gas, lighting, heat, etc., to make sure that all of them are operating appropriately. To mention some of their preventive maintenance services:

• Adjusting the air make up unit

• Balancing the booth air flow

• Replacing the filter, belt seal, etc.

• Cleaning the cabin

• Cleaning the pit

• Cleaning the exhaust chamber

• Solving the issues of over spraying

But apart from all this, regular maintenance of your paint booths Australia can be done yourself only or if you have a tight budget. For DIY maintenance check out the following points:

• The most important point is to keep the dust and dirt out ofthe paint booth. So, it is advisable to keep the door of your booth closed. 

• Any unnecessary items in the booth should not be allowed.

• Sanding in the booth is a strict no-no.

• Seal all the entrances and exits and the floors.

• Try as much as possible to reduce the traffic inside the booth.

• Spraying without a head cover and suit is a no.

• Keep your suit in a clean and dry place.

• Filtering for the booth is very essential. To save the money you may go for a cheap filter, an expensive high-class filter will not only be efficient, but it can run a long way.

• Replacing your filter routinely is a mustor else you are surely going to invite a bigger problem in near future. When the ultimate resistance of the filter is reached, you are advised to change it. 

• It is very much possible that some spray can be collected either on the booth walls, surfaces or floors. So in that case you can sponge mop or use any material, which is solvent based, to remove the paint from the affected places.