Go Green

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Disposable products are being utilized by majority of food establishments especially for the ‘take away’ option since they are cheap and very convenient to use. On the other hand, they are only utilized once and then thrown into the skip bins Brisbane Southside thus generating an outsized amount of detrimental waste. Every year, loads of Styrofoam and plastic products are deposited in landfills. These products take a hundred years or more to decompose and can also be toxic to Mother Earth. The increased usage of these disposable plastic products is one of the major culprit to the condition of our environment. The current circumstance of our Mother Earth is very disheartening. It necessities a commitment from all of us to lessen destruction through making good habits and make use of environmentally friendly products. The call to save Mother Earth generated an innovative option which is the green disposable cutlery. With this, there is a hope to somewhat lessen the continuous increase in the environment’s obliteration.

Green disposable cutlery is mainly contrived from potatoes, corn, sugarcane and bamboo. It is a stylish and healthier choice. It is generated commercially from recycled accessories. It will decompose naturally in landfills in few months only. These products are new-fangled in the market today and may be a bit costly compared to the traditional plastic products. Regardless of the price, you can of help to the environment even in a simplest way of using this product. Also, this can fascinate more customers especially those who are environmentally friendly ones.

Products made from corn are called PLA. PLA has a plastic-like consistency, fabricated from renewable resources, allergen-free, freezer-safe and can endure heat up to 120°F. Its composting time lasts for 30-45 days. Another product is the Bagasse Sugarcane. It is fabricated from a renewable source which is the sugarcane. Like PLA, it is allergen-free and freezer-safe. Unlike PLA, Bagasse Sugarcane has a paper-like consistency, can endure heat up to 200°F and it is microwaveable. Its composting time lasts for 45-60 days. And the ones fabricated from potato starch is called the PSM. PSM is freezer-safe, microwaveable and can endure heat up to 200°F. Its composting time lasts for 90-120 days.

As we all know, majority of us loves coffee. It is indeed a fact. This current innovation is a good news to coffee lovers and so with the ones who sells coffee. Using biodegradable coffee cups leaves you with a peace of mind and not worrying the next time you will have another cup. You’ll enjoy every cup of coffee at the same time you’ll feel great because somehow you have not add up to the increased rate of pollutants.

This maybe just a simple act but if everyone of us will participate, these could have a great impact to our Mother Earth. You don’t have to do big things. What is important is you have the willingness to do something and you have the heart for nature.