3 Tips On Using Shotcrete

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There are several ways as to how you can handle shotcrete in Central Coast. It is known as shotcrete or gunite which can be used in tunnels, structures underground, slopes and pools too. It can be used in a mortar in a high velocity too. It is a type of mortar or small aggregate material when used in the drying process. Here are some tips on using shotcrete:

Use bonding agents

You can use bonding agents in order to repair the concrete spots but make sure that you apply the right one to the floor. You must also try to remove any loose material or debris from the areas too before you start applying any to the floor. Make sure the shotcrete is well sealed in. It needs to be cured properly as well. The curing will be the best method to get the compound membrane to adhere.

Experts must be hired

You must not allow someone who is not certified to handle the nozzle. The nozzle man as it is called must be an expert in the field of shotcrete and concrete pump too. Make sure that he is certified in ACI too else you can risk a shoddy construction taking place. Some can even claim to be certified and then cheat you in the process too so always be careful and vary of your decision making.

Maintain the surface

Keep in mind that shotcrete needs to be maintained well. You can try applying a good surface sealer and try your best to remove any grime from the surface too else you can risk your surface deteriorating in time to come. Keep in mind that there around six types of finishes which need to be applied to the surface. It can shrink at times too. The shrinkage can vary at 0.06 to 0.10 after 28 days as well. You must try your best to find something which is slightly high in strength too. Always make it a point that your protect it from the rain by drying the area for at least 4-5 hours first. You must keep in mind that it will be a lot similar to concrete higher in strength. Make sure that the concrete is always protected at least 4-5 hours before hand too.

Make sure that you carefully maintain the shotcrete in order to minimize on any issues which can lead to the deteoration of the surface. Always hire an expert to help you with the task do not fall prey for any scams or misleading information from anyone.