Monthly Archive: July 2017

Tips To Keeping Your Restaurant Sanity On Point

Whenever you go somewhere for lunch or dinner, you will actually like the place to look good and give you a good experience. If it’s a place that you always go to, then there’s no issue in experiencing something bad because you would know how it serves people. Keeping somewhere clean is really important to feel like living in that atmosphere. My mother is someone whom I could call as a clean freak and I often make fun of her saying she has OCD signs where she would repeatedly clean a place. however when you try to keep your room or home clean, you may have notices that’s a combination of rounds where you have to sweep, clean and dust but what are the things that you possibly do to keep it sanitized.This is for all those restaurant owners to go through and know how to keep your restaurant sanity. It’s actually one of the most important things to do when it comes to offering food to customers for people would not want to eat from a place that doesn’t look as clean enough. If the place itself smells bad and dirty then how are they ever going to guarantee that the food on my plate will be cooked clean enough?

This is why hotels do all sorts of things to keep it fresh and clean by having commercial kitchen exhaust installation and spraying air-freshener every one to two hours. You may have seen that they have special air-freshener machines on to their walls to help keep the sanity high so that every half an hour or one hour, a spray or two would go on to make the area smell good. Cooking space will be the area that has the tendency to smell the most of curry powder, spices, sauces or anything to do with deep frying.

This is why they use commercial kitchen exhaust fans to get rid of any bad air that could get in the way. Some restaurant do not use these thinking that just by opening a roof window space could fix in the problem but that cannot really absorb in the cooking smell like these fans do. Another way to keep the place sanitized is to have accessible waste disposal areas so that people will actually throw in stuff into them instead of leaving all over the seats. Having a good committed set of employees is also important to keep the area clean. If they slack, then the place could actually stay in a mess and not look tidied up. Use these tips to keep sanity high for high customer satisfaction.